Our floating climbing park Aqua Chimp
and proven System 2.0 wakeboard installations
make guests and operators alike happy, guaranteed.


Transforming lakes and other bodies of water into adventure parks is what we’re all about. Thanks to our deep understanding of the leisure market, we build products with magnetic appeal to create memorable experiences for families, friends and everyone with the urge for a bit of fun and action.
You would like to start your own business, have access to a body of water, or are interested in expanding your recreational business in an exciting way? Then you’ve come to the right place. Adventure Lakes promises experiential concepts that yield results and bring long-term success. We are a medium-sized company with many years of experience in the development and production of recreational and water sports facilities. Our clients benefit from our extensive consulting and operating expertise. That’s just one reason why our products are successfully in use all around the world.
Impressive from the air Eye-catching for spectators Challenging and Exhilarating Good Mood Guarantee Causing addiction Creating Moments to Be Remembered


Our Advantages

When you invest in
products from Adventure Lakes,
you can expect the following:

When you invest in
products from Adventure Lakes,
you can expect the following:

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A wide range of possible applications

The choice is yours. Aqua Chimp and the System 2.0 offer sensational potential in a variety of settings, and can be used independently or combined to lay the foundation for a successful adventure waterpark. Or you can use our products to create a new highlight for your existing leisure facility or theme park.

Quality Made in Germany

Our installations feature well considered designs and the use of sustainable, long-lasting materials. They are safe, easy to operate and maintain. After all, they are the fruits of our many years of experience in product development. All of our creations are TÜV-certified.

Convincing Return on Investment

Individually tailored, straightforward installation and maintenance costs in combination with large guest capacity sounds tempting. Aqua Chimp and the System 2.0 are compatible with various business models for exciting revenue potential.

Quick, uncomplicated implementation

Controlled growth? No problem. Start off small and grow your adventure park step by step. Our products don’t require much space or infrastructure. This eliminates the complicated preparation phases and lengthy approval procedures required for other leisure attractions.

Aqua Chimp The Floating

Our self-contained floating ropes course offers a unique climbing adventure for visitors of all ages.

Yes, Aqua Chimp really does float, and can be installed in any body of water with a depth of around 2.5 meters or more without setting foundations. The routes offer a totally new recreational experience, and the watery landing makes climbing equipment unnecessary.


Economically sensible

Aqua Chimp excites its operators with a sustainable business model that can lead to a quick return on investment.


Sportively appealing

The routes don’t only guarantee a good time; they also test your coordination skills in a challenging way.


Individually expandable

Thanks to its modular construction, the Aqua Chimp adventure can begin with a few floating masts and routes, then be creatively expanded in scope with new climbing elements.


Excitingly different

Aqua Chimp stands out, looks fresh and bold. Its special charm will captivate guests and entire groups over and over again.

Climbing on the Water


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The original two-tower cableway for wakeboarders and water sports fans of all abilities
Wakeport Rhein-Main
50°00'43.9"N 8°28'39.9"E
Turncable Thannhausen
48°17'32.1"N 10°26'45.6"E
Wake The Line, Cologne
50°56'02.3"N 6°52'45.7"E
Munich Mash
48°10'25.8"N 11°33'14.8"E

Minimum effort, maximum fun: the System 2.0 has helped shape wakeboarding since its first presentation in 2008 and remains the undisputed global market leader.

518 Installations

An investment in one or more two-tower systems can be the start of a successful new business or an exciting addition to an existing leisure operation. With the System 2.0, wakeboarders and waterskiers, but also banana tubes and other devices can be pulled across the water at infinitely variable speeds. Fun and action are guaranteed!


Absolutely reliable

Proven technology and the pursuit of continual improvement make the System 2.0 the most successful two-mast system in the world. Thanks to the minimal requirements for the site and installation, as well as operation and maintenance, the System 2.0 offers an uncomplicated entry into the wake park world.


Highly flexible

Extraordinary flexibility distinguishes the System 2.0 from other solutions. It can be installed on almost any surface and adapted to variable conditions. Beginners benefit from a fast learning curve during their first attempts at riding, while experienced wakeboarders rely on the System 2.0 when it comes to efficiently learning new tricks.


Very versatile

A System 2.0 enhances any location. Whether for daily water sports operations, rented to groups or installed temporarily for spectator events, the system is extremely versatile and skillfully adapts to your requirements. Yet another reason why the System 2.0 represents an interesting addition for hotels, amusement parks and sports facilities of any kind.

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